The Mindset

The idea behind the brand is simple:

To connect with each and every mi'gander through our appreciation of Michigan.

mi State of Mind isn't your ordinary Michigan gear. The idea for the brand was drawn up on a moment's notice when inspiration hit on a Lake Michigan beach. That's right. Sharing a couple of drinks and soaking in that Michigan sunset with family, we realized there is quite a bit that goes into the 'mi State of Mind' and we sketched the first draft of our signature 'mi' logo. It has only grown from there!

Sure, beaches and sunsets are great. But, having grown up in Rochester, we know there is so much more to what makes a true Michigander: Cars, Tigers' games, shoveling your neighbors driveway, going to the lake, hitting the links,... you get the idea.

So, while we all enjoy shopping our favorite 'Up North' brands or grabbing a Detroit T-shirt when we head Downtown, we welcome you to take a minute and explore the mi State of Mind.

As the brand has grown from a napkin to a storefront to a statewide name with multiple lines, craft drinks, and more, we simply feel blessed to call Michigan our...




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