'Do You Guys Have ...?': New Ways To Show Your Michigan Pride

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      When we want to show our pride in Michigan, we want to show it everywhere -- on our cars, on our boats, in our homes and on our bodies. We want to brag: "This is where we live," in our kitchens, our living rooms, our man caves, our kitchen nooks, in our front seats and on our front porches, in our offices and factories, schools and health clubs.
       So at mi state of mind, we let our Michigan pride and our brand message shine forth in lots of ways, from lots of places. We offer mi apparel in a wide range of types, colors, fabrics and sizes, for men and for women, kids and even babies. We have mi drinkware in many varieties and configurations, mi candles and coffee, mi hard cider and root beer.
       And there's more: mighty apparel, clever mi pool t-shirts, and our latest line of compelling wearables, mi pure.
       We keep coming out with new stuff all the time because we find that our customers want more mi state of mind merchandise to choose from. And yet we hear from fans who would like us to offer still other ways to show their mi colors. We've had suggestions and requests for us to extend our brand to everything from cuff links to coozies and everything in between.
       Rest assured: While you'll never see us introduce a mi State of Mind whoopie cushion, we're always developing still more ways for our customers to display their mi state of mind. So keep watching this space, and shopping at our flagship store in downtown Rochester as well as visiting our growing family of partner retail merchants in cities around the state. 
       You never know what we might come up with next.


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