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CREATE YOUR OWN #2 (Fully custom)


Create your own fully customized Michigan Gift Box for your Michigander friends, family, or someone you just met on the street. The food items available are authentic Cherry Republic products!

Here's how this works:

  1. Select which size box you would like (Small: $39.95; Medium: $49.95; Large: $69.95)
  • Small boxes receive the following items: 1 drinkware item, 2 food/drink items, 1 car decal, 1 accessory
  • Medium boxes receive the following items: 1 drinkware item, 3 food/drink items, 2 car decals, 1 accessory
  • Large boxes receive the following items: 2 drinkware items, 3 food/drink items, 2 car decals, 2 accessories

       2. Select the items you'd like included in your box (see above for guidelines by size) from the list of items below

       3. Checkout!

       4. Send us a message through our "Contact Us" page. Include the following:

  • Your Order #
  • The items you selected
  • Any personal message (25 words or less) you would like included with the box

 Available Items by Category:

Drinkware - (click product to view)

Food/drink - (limit of ONE chocolate-covered cherries per small box and TWO for medium or large boxes)

  • Imperial (red) chocolate covered cherries
  • White chocolate covered cherries
  • Milk chocolate covered cherries
  • Dark chocolate covered cherries
  • Sour cherry balls
  • Cherry Gummies
  • Pair (2 cans) of mi State of Mind Old Fashioned Root Beer
  • Cherry Jam
  • Cherry Berry Jam
  • Cherry Pepper Jelly

Car decals - (click product to view)

Accessories - (click product to view)

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