mi'ganders don't settle for knockoffs

Natural Scenery: 

They don't call us the Great Lakes State for nothing. If you don't count Ohio, which most mi'ganders don't, we're surrounded by fresh, pure, water. Huron, Ontario, Erie, Superior, and, last but not least, Michigan. Not only that, but we can drink our water! (unlike those coastal states--let's see where everyone flocks when Y2K hits. Well... you get the point). Did we mention Sleeping Bear Dunes or Crystal Mountain?

Natural Sustenance: ‚Äč

mi'ganders tend to more than 10 million acres of farmland and more than 55,000 farms producing more than 300 types of foods. Oh, and more than 98 percent of this vast production comes from family-owned e-i-e-i-o's (that's more than 3 more than's!)


mi'ganders ain't no lie

Real. true. seasons.

We have 4 of them. If anyone has been to the UP in, say, January, no one will argue Winter likes Michigan. If anyone has been to Higgins Lake in July, Summer is a fan as well. Ever been to Yates Cider Mill in the Fall? Do it. Who likes tulips?... Other than Spring in Holland and everyone else.

Real. True. Work.

Bring your work pail to lunch, cause we (and the '04 Pistons) are goin' to work. Whether it's a day on the farm, a day on the line, or a day in the sun, no one can say we mi'ganders don't give 100 percent to whatever we decide to tackle (or, in the Lions case, IF we decide to tackle). Maybe that's why we're "home" to so much success...


mi'ganders only have one name for it

The Motor City: 

Create and grow an entire industry centered around motorized carriages? Done. 


Possess the greatest professional hockey team of the past 30 years and set a North American record for consecutive postseason appearances? Done. 


Cultivate the rise of "hip" music in America and produce undeniable greats like Diana Ross and the Supremes? Done. 

The Mitten: 

Produce disgustingly frigid winters during which small children (and adults) are kept inside both for warmth and to avoid getting lost in a snow bank? Done and done.

The Cherry Capital of the World: 

Maintain endless rolling hills filled with cherry blossoms and then put the beauty to good use by creating variations of cherry goodness, including the Cherry Festival, the Cherry Republic, and cherry pies.